@zaneology's odd & random adventures ~ a simple example to test pen.io ~

I'm playing w/ the new FUN THING pen.io which I watched "@launch" 11 today...

Nifty. Simple and Easy, I just clicked on the example text & replaced it with what you are reading now. I then added the video below by simply entering ":video" + the youtube share code (not the embed code) and BOOM. There it is.

Howabout a little "We're on our way to the Chicken & Pig Auction" video. I've heard that you can NEVER get too much of that....or COWBELL.

You can also insert a new page into your site by adding the ":page" tag anywhere.

*NOTE: when adding video and pages, remove the "quotation marks"

There's plenty more random zane "living large in small moments" going on daily at http://zaneology.com and the typical giggling while I'm doing any of it at http://zaneology.tv

Read more info on pen.io's web page

Love you, mean it,